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Certified Advanced Rolfing

Have you ever wondered why pain relievers can’t alleviate your physiological discomforts no matter how religiously you take them? The human body experiences pain due to misalignment of its structural makeup, oftentimes due to genetics and physical trauma and injury. Structural integration is a method that aims to realign and reeducate the body system to eliminate the causes of physical pain. Rolfing is one of the therapeutic methods that use structural manipulation and integration.

Certified Rolfing is home to licensed and qualified Rolfing treatment in Fort Worth, TX. We continue the Rolf movement and enhance this practice to guarantee better and more profound results. What makes our care different from the rest of the somatic practices available today is our premise regarding an individual’s personal relationship to their environment and self.

Rolfing techniques highlight our Principles of Intervention which begins with the 10-series session. We use this method that Dr. Rolf herself developed and include variations of the original protocol, integrating intervention strategies that cater to the unique needs of our clients. Our Rolfing specialists also utilize the Gentle Techniques, working with the deep myofascial structures and using broad holistic techniques to ensure results with less pain and discomfort.

Our joint mobilization technique focuses on the soft tissues, integrating and manipulating the tissues to release mobility restrictions that often block whole body organization. The Rolf integration movement facilitates our clients’ awareness about their inhibiting movement patterns and empowers them towards holistic healing. We help you gain the knowledge for effective and quick relief.

Certified Rolfing offers a personal experience that leads to full wellness and treatment of the physiological discomforts of the body through structural realignment and integration. Schedule an appointment with our consultants for more details!

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