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Certified Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth

The Advanced Rolfing Algorithm can successfully reduce or resolve issues with as little as 10 treatments in most cases from neck, back, pelvic and most other chronic pain areas such as sciatica and shoulder pain. Certified Advanced Rolfing can improve posture, movement, coordination, flexibility and quality of life and It is used to deal with some of the most common dysfunctions as well as some of the most extreme idiopathic rotational patterns that cause pain and inhibit movement known to orthopedic and pain management practices. The Advanced Rolfing Algorithm is a customized set of options designed to systematically de-rotate and mobilize segments of the body to improve movement, integration and diminish pain levels. Rolf Movement is a practice of strategies to raise awareness of positional space and options that could hack repetitive movement patterns. Most don't remember what it was like as a child to start out in life with keen kinesthetic or proprioceptive awareness. These are attributes that have to be acknowledged and practiced before they are fully realized. Becoming familiar with parts of the body and their relationships that were not previously a focal point is one way of raising awareness. Resizing the kinesthetic field and the new relationship with the expanded environment may be another way. John Barton is continuing Dr. Rolf's' profound Inquiry into how to enhance the whole person in gravity by looking at the patterns we adopt and why.

Osteopathic and Orthopedic
Certified Advanced Rolfing
Osteopathic and Orthopedic

Orthopedic disorders lead to excruciating pain in affected areas of the body, and Osteopathic treatment is one of the topmost holistic alternatives for healing. Certified Rolfing is home to a licensed and experienced Osteopathic Surgeon in Fort…

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Certified Advanced Rolfing

Have you ever wondered why pain relievers can’t alleviate your physiological discomforts no matter how religiously you take them? The human body experiences pain due to misalignment of its structural makeup, oftentimes due to genetics and physical…

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The Advanced Rolfing Algorithm is healing and aligning the world one body at a time. The most important investment we each possess for this brief moment is our health and wellness. Most humans are asymmetric in their skeletal and fascial structure. The primary asymmetry and any subsequent overlays are are contributing to a heightened sympathetic state. The objective of Rolfing is to cultivate homeostasis by decreasing the asymmetry and increasing awareness of breath.

Advanced Rolfing Algorithm

Advanced Rolfing Algorithm

The Advanced Rolfing Algorithm is a wholistic approach to reducing the systemic fascial rotations/counter-rotations in the human body, known as the primary asymmetry. Imagine living in a light and buoyant body that wasn't movement resistant or was burdened with excessive pain. The Advanced Rolfing Algorithm decreases pain and increases movement.

Osteopathic and Orthopedic

Osteopathic and Orthopedic

We are located at The Fort Worth Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Center in UNTHSD in case a patient needs treatment beyond the scope of Advanced Rolfing. Orthopedic disorders lead to excruciating pain in affected areas of the body, and Osteopathic treatment is one of the superior holistic alternatives for healing taught by D.O.'s.

Rolf Movement and Living Arts

Rolf Movement and Living Arts

Breath is a primary orientation in all living and movement arts. Rolf Movement is the tool box used to evoke change and coordination of integrated breath and movement.

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Stay updated with the latest news and data in the world of fascial research and our partnerships with The Rolf Institute, Harvard Medical and Stanford Medical. Download the case studies on low back pain, and Rolfing from and Osteopathic's perspective by Jocelyn Proby D.O..

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  • "I lost almost 30 lbs. in 3 months thanks to John and Ive never felt better1"

  • "Rolfing helped improve my golf swing and fixed my tennis elbow."

  • "John has been helping me with my patients and I would recommend him to everyone."

  • "I was referred by a close friend and I am so thankful that I scheduled my assessment. I instantly knew that John was the right practitioner for me."

  • "John has an amazing sense of what is happening in my body. Rolfing has changed my body and the way I feel. I can breath!"

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    "What I wanted more than anything was to play basketball with my kids. Thanks to John now I can do much more than that."

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